The Future of Art Exhibitions

More than ever, we have two lives: online and offline. In this exhibition, these lives are blended.

Our exhibition combines the tangible and intangible worlds: we will show physical artworks alongside NFTs and their utility. 

Connect With Art – Exhibition Space in 23 Beresford St, St Helier, Jersey | November 2021

We are seeking funding from corporate sponsors or private individuals who share our vision of delivering growth of Jersey’s technology, finance and culture sectors. Meet us at info@2lives.world

What is 2lives?

Jersey’s first art exhibition that connects Art and Finance, through the inclusion of NFTs.

2 LIVES will be a hybrid exhibition – there will be physical artworks in the gallery, NFTs existing in the metaverse and finally there will be a live performance.
A selection of renowned Jersey artists will showcase and sell their work and tell their stories. As well as being a selling exhibition, the project aims to educate and inform artists, curators, collectors, business professionals, students and creators about NFTs.

NFTs are new and ever-changing, so creators, investors and collectors are constantly learning about them as they evolve. We welcome you to come and learn from us, and with us. Whether you are a seasoned NFT collector, whether you have never heard of an NFT before, or whether you’d like to learn more about the process and what it entails, we welcome you to come and learn.

2 LIVES will leverage NFTs as a tool to create new opportunities and communities. The era of mixed reality art events has arrived.


2 LIVES is born from the process of the two creators, Francesco and Claudia, discovering and harnessing their respective passions in finance and art thanks to NFTs, whilst living together and shaping their careers in Jersey.

By giving to artists an exhibition, 2 LIVES can achieve the goal of sharing and educating about art exhibitions in the metaverse, and the opportunities they present for artists, collectors and businesses.

NFTs are a powerful tool to build communities in the next era of the internet.

What is an NFT?

An NFT is certificate of ownership on a digital file or item

NFT stands for “Non-Fungible Token”. Non-fungible means unique, and a token is an object (non-physical) built on the blockchain. The blockchain is essentially a database and a public ledger of transactions.
Any digital file can be an NFT. And anything physical can be backed by an NFT.

Every digital file can be an NFT – including digital artworks. Instead of sharing digital images of their artworks on their social media channels, artists can now own, trade and sell them through different apps built on the blockchain.

NFTs enable the birth of a complete and autonomous virtual economy. 


The Metaverse is a complete virtual twin of our physical world

It is a virtual shared space: a virtual universe in which humans can interact and do many of the activities they do in their physical lives, but virtually, using virtual or augmented reality, NFTs and more. The metaverse is composed of the digital assets that live online and in the blockchain, which form a digital ecosystem.

As the metaverse grows, NFTs and the blockchain will be critical tools in digital ownership. In the same way that you own art or property in the physical world, you can do the same in the metaverse

Want to know more about NFTs?

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NFTs and Art

NFTs signal a new renaissance for artists.

While creating digital art itself is not a new concept, NFTs allow artists to create and sell their digital artworks more easily than ever before. By setting up a profile on an NFT marketplace, they can represent themselves and sell artworks independently. 

In terms of Artist Resale Right, NFTs always guarantee royalties on secondary market’s sales on the blockchain. This also means NFTs essentially act as their own certificate of authenticity, since their transactions can be tracked, eliminating finally the risk of counterfeits.

NFTs allow artists creative and commercial freedom, as well as an enhanced ability to build their own brand and educate their community. Collectors can invest easily in their works and foster their careers.

NFTs Sustainability and The environment

With all eyes on the upcoming 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, the focus is on sustainability more than ever. See few good sources to learn more about the environmental impact of NFTs.


2 Lives was created by Francesco Vincenti & Claudia Runcio

We want to leave Jersey with a knowledge of NFTs gained through an exhibition highlighting the opportunities NFTs present to connect art, finance and tech and to show students jobs of the future.

Our vision is to use this exhibition as a format to be reproduced creating similar exhibitions around the world from 2022 on.

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The Future of Art Exhibitions

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